The International Museum Of Twenty-first Century Arts

ill title The Vision

This is an unparalleled time in human history. We are the first generation ever to see our small planet from space and to understand the vast implications of that incredible sight: One small home for all the Earth's People!

TIMOTCA’s Vision is premised on the belief that, transcending national borders, inter-cultural differences and racial distinctions, art, in all its forms, uniquely expands our potential to move beyond historic fears toward peaceful co-creation. TIMOTCA’s Vision is to bring all the nations of the world and as many cultures as possible together in one unprecedented global project.

TIMOTCA’s Vision is to demonstrate that by experiencing art, we can learn more about the bond that makes people more alike than different.

TIMOTCA is the world’s only initiative to include the creative genius of all the people – from the smallest nations to the largest – from the great art centers to the smallest territories, colonies, island groups and indigenous people.

CELEBRATING the world’s amazingly diverse cultures, TIMOTCA is providing a venue for artists from every corner of the globe – a “United Nations of the Arts” - offering an unprecedented platform and a forum for the development of international programs promoting cultural understanding and peace.

Can Art Promote Peace?

ART IS A FORMIDABLE TOOL OF DIPLOMACY - “The arts are the human face of a nation. Whatever the bilateral, political, military or economical concerns between countries, cultural communications cannot help but create an improved climate of trust and friendship, because the arts in all their myriad forms express the humanity common to all people

To say the obvious, culture is the universal prism. Art is the memory of our past, the measure of our times, the inspiration of our future. lt conveys images of national mood and spirit, and, in fascinating ways, it mirrors a nation's strengths and weaknesses. Art in its broadest context is a modem tool of diplomacy, proving enormously effective in bringing out the differences that separate nations, and in revealing the humanistic factors that bind all people together. Art in its diverse forms provides the seed of true understanding, contributing to world peace."

Excerpt "Art As a Tool of Diplomacy", by Joseph Jova